Thursday, December 10, 2009

Day 8

So, it's December 8th already and our stocking line is getting shorter and shorter. Today was PRESENT and the kids enjoyed the one we picked out(they insisted that Eric and I take a turn with the advent calendar). I picked what they thought was a big one and they all spent breakfast trying to guess what it was. Drumroll please...I love this picture of Noah sticking his tongue out at me. He was more interested in me taking a picture of him than what the present was.
A Christmas movie pack of Merry Madagascar and Party Penguins. The kids love these characters and were quite excited to watch them both, and that's exactly what we did 10 minutes later. Funny movies, I must say, and fun was had by all!

Sweetest lit'l guy! He just loves Bella, but we have to keep an eye on him because he is a little rough with her. I had to help him not strangle poor Bella. He justs wants to love her so much!

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