Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!Whew! It just flew by this year! We had a fun filled Christmas day this year. The kids got new clothes from Eric and me this year and each kid picked out a fun toy for their sibling they drew. All the kids got exactly what they wanted from Santa. Alexis got her art kit, Kaleigh got her jewelry making kits, Laney got her my little pony house, Logan got his building toys, Noah got dinosaurs, and Bella got cute little Baby Einstein videos(she loves to watch the T.V., so we thought some videos set to classical music would be good). Eric and I got each other just some small little gifts this year(it's been a tough year) and we made some keepsake gifts for our parents this year. The kids received some cool presents from the g.p. this year. The older girls got some craft kits, Laney got a new barbie, the boys got fun boy toys, and Bella got a fun little baby pull phone toy. My dad got the grandkids a new Wii and they absolutely LOVE it. He also got the younger 3 kids their own little presents, because the Wii is a little too old for them. Logan got a Cars racetrack, Noah got a Cars doodle pro, and Bella got this:
Now isn't that the cutest little smiley girl you have ever seen! She got this bumbo seat. She likes it a lot, but you have to make sure she has a toy with her or else she'll just cry and want to be held. She likes being upright and watching all the kids. Thanks for all the presents and the kids love all their stuff. We've had a fun Christmas, but I am REALLY glad it is over. Now I can take everything down and have my house back to normal again. Yay! Now bring on more snow so I can enjoy playing in it. Hope everyone has had a good Christmas and we hope you all have a Happy New Year!

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