Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Eve 2009

Christmas Eve is one of our family's favorite times! Eric and I have taken both of our family traditions and combined them into one very FABULOUS day! We begin the day out with making cookies for Santa. I use to do this with my grandma every year. The kids just love it and count down the days until they get to do Santa's cookies. We then have sausage, cheese spreads and crackers, veggie tray and chips and dip for lunch. We have my dad join us and the kids always get hyped up even more. I use to have lunch with my grandparents every Christmas Eve(only it was italian meats and cheeses) and we just had a blast just hanging out. We have the kids take a rest and Eric and I begin setting our table for our nice family fancy dinner. Eric grew up with always having dinner with just the family(no extended family)and doing a little Christmas program and reading the story of Christ's birth. We have continued this with our own kids and they just love it! We have our dinner, the kids pick their cookies out for Santa and place them on our Santa plate, we write our letter to Santa, and then the kids perform. This is their favorite part. This year they all sang and danced, even cute little Noah sang a song. We have them say what they want and how old they are so we have it on tape and we let them open up one present. This, again is something Eric grew up with. Every year they all get new p.j.'s. The older kids remember, but they are still excited to see what kind they are. The kids then went and changed into their new p.j.'s and we read the Bible and ended with the Night Before Christmas book. They were all jazzed and had a hard time going to sleep, but finally were settled down for a long night's sleep!Noah's blue car jammies.
Kaleigh striking a pose in her Tinkerbell jammies.

Alexis got Spongebob this year.
Logan got green car jammies, which he said matched him because of his green eyes.
Laney in her princess jammies.
All the kids in front of the tree with their new jammies on. I forgot to take one of just Bella, but these are her jammies(they say my 1st Christmas on them with a mouse and kitty cat). Aren't they all just adorable! Merry Christmas everyone!

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