Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Advent Calendar

So, it's finally December 1st as my kids said to me this morning with anticipation to begin our adventure of our new advent calendar. We decided we would take the day's sock down in the morning and do whatever is inside it at night-so Eric can participate as well. We are taking turns and this morning it was Bella's turn and the sock said PRESENT! Oh man were the kids as giddy as can be. You see the wrapped presents have been sitting under the calendar since Saturday-which is an eternity in kids' eyes. Bella and I picked out a present from the pile and laid it on the counter for later that night. Drumroll please- their first present was Christmas socks. They were all so excited they went to bed with them on! Oh the joys of Christmas through children's eyes! I love it! Is there anything else that beats that look of pure enjoyment? Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings. Seasons Greetings!

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