Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Day 15

Today's stocking was Noah's turn and it was PRESENT! He's unlike the others in that he picked the smallest present he could find. The present was a cute little board book shaped like a present. He wanted to read it right then and so we all piled onto the couch and I read to them.So excited!
Logan really wanted to be the first to look at the book, but Laney snatched it right up to show it off. The book was interactive. The pages had things to count and find. It was a fun 15 minutes. Yep, that's all the time it took to read it from front to back and find everything. My kids adore books and actually prefer books to almost everything else. They get this from Eric. I love a good book, but I'm not anything like Eric. He could and would spend an entire day in the library or bookstore if he was allowed and able. I like that he passed this love onto our children. It's a GREAT love to have. Books can let you be, do, and live anything you want for a time. Well I gotta get to bed before Bella wakes up again. Happy Holidays and take some time to read a good book!

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