Wednesday, December 2, 2009


So, my little Bells is 6 months already! I can hardly believe it. Time has just flown by and I'm so sad to know she has been here this long already. She is the sweetest lit'l baby. She snuggles more than any other kid-that is saying a lot because we have had some huge snugglers in our family. If I am holding her she puts her head down on my chest and wiggles her head under my chin and coos. It's the sweetest thing. She is still having trouble sleeping through the night, so I am averaging about 3 hours a night of sleep. VERY hard to do and continue to function normal. Oh well, I'll survive and this won't last forever.
I took her to the doctor and here are her stats:
14 lbs. 13 oz (30%) weight
26 inches long (70%) height-they think they measured her wrong because this is only 1/2 an inch in 2 months.
Which makes her ratio only 25%. She is by far our slowest at gaining weight, but she is healthy so we'll take it. All and all, she is happy and healthy which is all we want.

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