Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Day 14

Yay! We're getting so much closer to Christmas(and so much closer to it being over with). The kids are getting more and more excited with each day. They are all bouncing off the walls with excitement. I on the other hand am ready for it to be the night of December 25th so it's all over with. I know-bah humbug! Oh well, I'm allowed to be a bit bitter at the season. Today's stocking was a good one and one that I needed. It was Logan's pick and the stocking said PRESENT! Of course he picked the biggest present left. They opened it and it was a new family game called Girafalaff Limbo. This is a hilarious game. It's kinda geared to younger kids, but the two older ones had a blast as well. We were all laughing and rolling around at the attempts to not knock the giraffe off. The game is played with a spinner that has different ways to limbo(forward bend, backward bend, limbo, birdwalk, monkey crawl, and crab walk). It was fun to see the kids attempt each way. If you knock off the giraffe it laughs and you are out. FAMILY FUN WAS HAD BY ALL!
*pictures are on other post(slide)

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