Friday, December 4, 2009

Day 4

So, the kids finally got an ACTIVITY-yay(as Laney said, she picked the sock down today). We went to South Jordan's Light the Night. It was a lot of fun. They lit up the city's tree and the surrounding area at city hall, had ice skaters, the cow from chick-fil-a(who handed out mini chicken sandwiches, yum), fireworks, and santa arrived on a fire truck. The kids had a blast, even in the 20 degree weather. Here's miss Alexis still dazzled with Santa. She was as excited as the other kids to see the man in the red suit. It's fun to see her still having fun with being a kid. She sometimes forgets she's still young, so I'm happy to see her embrace being a kid.Bella all bundled up-her first time outside in the cold. She didn't like it much, but she hung in there.
Kaleigh telling Santa what she wants for Christmas. He was really nice and jolly and just loved all the kids. He chatted with each and every one.

Laney talking the night away with Santa. I just love this little chatterbox!

Logan was ecstatic at the idea of meeting Santa. Everytime we moved up in line he would shout "we're getting closer to Santa" and jump up and down. I love to watch the kids' excitement about everything with Christmas. They love the songs, lights, Santa, and yes, we have told them all about the real reason we celebrate Christmas.

This picture doesn't do the firework show justice. It was so awesome and the colors changed throughout. It was the kids' favorite part. They weren't expecting fireworks, so it was a lot of fun for them.

Laney wanted to hug the cow and get a picture and then Kaleigh jumped in at the last minute. Cute kids, they just keep me laughing-which is much needed right now!

Alexis wanted a picture too and Logan liked the cow, but really wanted to go home because he was cold. That is until I told him Santa was coming. Then he was okay to stay. Brave kids though, it really was FREAKIN' FREEZING!

And finally, the tree in the middle of the ice rink. During the warmer months this is actually a pretty fountain that the kids love to see when we go to the library(it's right next door). They loved all the lights going on all at once. Ah, the pure joy of children's amazement at the little things in life. We all had a blast and came back home to drink some tasty hot chocolate with whip cream and sprinkles. The kids drank their cocoa and headed off to bed. All fell asleep very quickly, all pooped out from the fun night of family fun! Cute little Logan said it best when we came home, "it's been a really long fun day!" Seasons Greetings!

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