Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Day 20

So today's stocking was Laney's turn and it was PRESENT! She has had her eye on this one particular present all week. It made a jingle noise so she's been hoping she would get to pick it. It was a present of some crafts. It had a foam gingerbread house kit and some reindeer jingle bell ornaments. The kids had a blast and want to do some more crafts. They are definately my kids at heart. I just love me some fun CRAFTS!Finished Gingerbread House
Logan very intense about placing his gingerbread boy in the exact right spot!

Logan's reindeer ornament.
The girls showing off their ornaments. It's funny how each kid was able to put their own personality into their reindeer. Alexis has a scarf on hers and some fun ribbon going through the ornaments, Kaleigh's has crazy eyes and a funky scarf wrap, Laney's has a cute lit'l bow, and Logan's has a scarf and he did it all by himself!
Putting the ornaments together.
Laney and Kaleigh were very excited about the project and wanted to get started right away!

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