Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dino Fun!

We are having so much fun with our passes for Thanksgiving Point, thanks again dad, we have visited the Dino Museum twice in less than a week. I took the kids with my dad last Wednesday and Eric surprised us by meeting us there and we all had a blast. My dad has never been and he was amazed at how big the place was. The kids had a blast dragging him around showing him everything. They love it so much they want to go back with him and see one of the 3D movies they play there. We then went back a few days later so the kids could play and hang out with some cousins. Eric's brother is in town and with the kids out of school still we decided to go see more dinos. We had more fun and took some cute pics both times we went so warning there are quite a few:
Laney posing in the cave
Laney and Noah having a "roaring" good time.

Baby Carter-as my kids call their little cuz, having a blast in the cave.
Trying to get a "good" picture of all the cousins, but I just wasn't quick enough to get one of everyone. Still a cute attempt at one.
One of Noah's favorite display of dinosaurs. He goes "raw" everytime he sees this one.
The girls all posing and Alexis very unhappy she can't get on the dino too. A little sibling rivalry going on here that day. This was the outcome of their little drama, Alexis pouting to the side. HILARIOUS, if I don't say myself. Sometimes that girl just puts me into stitches with her attitude and the way she rects to stuff. Gotta love being a mom to a "tween" right, RIGHT?

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  1. Thanks for sharing your story! I'm very sorry for your loss, yet am inspired by the way which you've sustained and built up your family on optimism and love.