Thursday, April 15, 2010


CAUTION: Yucky foot picture follows this post! Proceed at your own risk.
So, Eric and I have started our training sessions with our program-From Couch to 5K in 9 Weeks, this week. I so was not thinking and was just excited to get started and moving. My dad came over last night to watch the kiddos and off we went down to the Jordan River Parkway. I laced up my running shoes and began the very painful first training session. Mental note: Don't think that you are in any kind of good shape just because you have been riding your bike for exercise. My body, that I have given over to my lovely seven angels for the past 12 years, so wanted to die and give up. The last time I went running was right before I turned 18. Yep folks, that's exactly 15 years ago! AGHH!
Turns out I totally wasn't thinking of my poor feet in my NEW running shoes. Don't ever, ever, NEVER wear NEW running shoes when you haven't ran for 15 years. I was just so excited I didn't even think about it and this was the end result...
Can we just say OUCH! I have never, ever, had a blister this bad, let alone a nasty blood blister. Hoping that today's rest day will help it heal before we take off again tomorrow. Here's hoping. If not, I'll just have to double up on socks and definately wear different shoes!

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