Tuesday, April 6, 2010


We had a very good Easter this year. It was nice and relaxing just lounging around and listening to Conference-at least trying to amid the commotion of 6 kids. I don't remember another Easter when it was also General Conference so I was happy to not leave and go to Church in the morning. The kids actually got to enjoy what the Easter Bunny brought them and not worry about getting ready for church. I like church and all it's just nice to have a quiet, relaxed Sunday. This is also the first year that we didn't get the kids new Easter outfits. I just figured the younger ones have so many hand me down dresses and outfits and Alexis just got a new "springy" skirt and shirt, why buy anything new since we aren't even going to church. So with the $$ we would have spent on outfits Eric and I got the kids a present they all would love. We got them a basketball hoop for outside. It's a pretty dang nice one. It's a Lifetime one and can be adjusted all the way to 10'. They were all thrilled and I made them work for it. I sent them throughout the house on a scavenger hunt to find the present. I sent them upstairs, down in the basement, on the main floor and up and down, up and down, you get the picture. I put clues from one area to the next and they had a blast running around. It all led to the garage where we had it covered with a big bow on it and they all hopped up and down with glee. I just love making their day, especially when it's so easy!
We had a fun dinner with just us and my dad over. The usual ham, potatoes, rolls, green beans and strawberries. I made name cards and the day before the kids helped me make these:
Cute little birdie nests to go on everyone's place. I made the other treat which I only make at Easter. Delicious homemade coconut eggs(Eric calls them my home made almond joys, only way better tasting). They were snarffed up by everyone and we also had easter eclairs too. I don't have any pics of those due to the fact they are gone now. Much enjoyed by the crazy bunch and my dad. It was a fun Easter and we enjoyed our long lazy weekend taking in the spiritual word of our leaders.

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