Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hungry Little Monsters!

I have very HUNGRY little monsters and they SO surprised me today! I took them to McDonald's for lunch as a surprise(I know, not a very healthy place, but they love it) and they ended up surprising me. This post is all for me so that I can remember this one crazy lunch! I ordered a 20 piece chicken nuggets and a lrg fry for them all to share. I then ordered myself just a plain small cheeseburger with a small fry and diet coke. Well my lovely Laney claimed she wanted a cheeseburger too, so I got her one but knew she would want the nuggets once they came. Oh well I thought, I'll just put the extra burger in the fridge and it'll get eaten by someone.
Our food was out and I dished it out. Little VULTURES! Here's what happened: Logan and Laney both exclaimed, "we're starving!" Yes, I do feed them, but they don't think I do enough. These two kiddos both had 8, yes that's 8, chicken nuggets and half the large fries each! Noah ate the other 4 and ended up having most of my fries. Then Laney wanted to have half the cheeseburger, and she DID! They also each had sprite to drink and then wanted some of their Easter candy. Me all amazed, said just a little piece, but when I wasn't looking(I was feeding Bella) they each had 2 marshmallow bunnies! HUNGRY HUNGRY LITTLE MONSTERS! They are only 6, 4, and 2! God help me when they are teenagers, at least help my food budget PLEASE!

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