Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Look What I Can Do Now!

My little munchkin has been at it again! She has had the standing up against something trick down for a week now, but now she has taken it a step further. She has figured out how to pull herself up ALL BY HERSELF! Aggghh! She is so proud of herself and so cute doing it, but she needs to slow down for me, I mean for herself, I mean, c'mon give one trick some time before you go learning something else. Sheesh!Here's her trick in her crib and I think we need to lower her mattress again. I don't want her to start climbing out of it now.
Bella loves to try and eat everything, hence she just had to "taste" the gate. Apparently she actually did this trick last night, but I missed it. I was out mowing the front lawn and Eric sent Alexis out to get me to come and see. However, she said Bella is holding onto the gate and standing. I didn't think this was a big deal because she has been doing this on her knees for awhile now. I didn't know she meant Bella had pulled herself up and was standing on her feet at the gate. Eric actually got to see one of our babies do something for the first time before I saw it. And this folks is why I DON'T work out of the home. I hate missing my babies' firsts. I'm glad and grateful I have been able to stay at home with all my babies. I have seen all their firsts, laughed, cried, yelled, cooked, played, etc. with all of them and I wouldn't have missed any of it for the world. I may have missed this first of Bella's, but I got the first picture of it!

You just gotta love that grin!
Loves eating those bars!

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