Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Spotlight on me, but really it's all for Christian!

I love this blog because this mom speaks to me and she features other moms on her blog. It's a great way to see how other mothers, mother and live their lives. I simply love this one special weekly feature she does called Real Mommies/Real Challenges. She features moms that live their lives while dealing with different challenges. Well she saw that I am a follower and checked out my blog and asked me if she could feature me in one of her spotlights. To say the least I was flabber gasted and so didn't think I was worthy to be put in this feature. Afterall I am not mothering my children with a disability or some other extreme challenge, but she thought I am a real mommy with a real challenge. So... my spotlight(or as Eric calls it my two minutes of fame, not really, but haha) about my lovely son and family is tomorrow on her cute little blog. Check it out if you want, but check out her blog more to see her other moms that are featured too. Go to http://littletotsbigideas.blogspot.com/2010/04/real-mommies-real-challenges.html This is such a cool, and so unexpected little honor! Thank you Tina! This one is for you my little man, Christian Eric!

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  1. Dear Krystal,

    Do not sell yourself short my friend. You are an extraordinary person, a wonderful mother. You have so many talents. Anyone can tell that by simply looking at your blog. Thank you for the shout out.