Thursday, April 15, 2010

Project that I just LOVE!

I am having so much fun doing projects and finally tackling things that have been on my list ever since we moved into our house-almost 4 years ago! We have this whole wall of windows and they all have blinds on them. Over the past year I have felt so blocked in and the blinds have felt like big chunky gates. If we had all the blinds open it was blinding, but when they are closed it is very dark and dreary. So, the solution...
Get some cute curtains! This way it's not so blinding, but the light is let in to pierce my soul and let the darkness out! I love, love, love SPRING! We even did it in the kitchen, and man has it made our whole main floor seem bigger! I can't wait to tackle more projects. Garden, yard, and half-bath here I come!

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