Thursday, April 22, 2010


My little munchkin has been making me go "aww, my baby," a lot this week. She has been doing tricks and trying out things that she thinks she should be doing. Wait a minute Miss Bella, not so fast, I'M not ready! She now thinks she can just eat all by herself now. Up until now I have been mashing up her food and feeding it to her. She has been getting impatient with me, so I just put the banana on her tray and this is what followed.
She ate her whole banana all by HERSELF! Stop, wait a minute, not so fast! I want my little baby back. Rats! Here I thought I would just put the banana down on her tray to calm her down while I fixed the other kids' lunch and then I would go feed her. Haha mom, jokes on you.
Here's our lit'l munchkin holding onto the side of her bouncer trying to climb and pull herself out. One trick at a time, PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE!
She fell down just as the camera went off. Darn it, it was a cute snapshot. She looked at me like,"geez mom, just let me do it already."

Proud Bella
She was so proud to be standing holding onto the couch. She is a real mover and a shaker. Funny thing is, she still hasn't really crawled yet. She is still doing the army crawl, but she hauls. She also loves to sit herself up now, all by herself. I love and hate this stage. Right now I'm experiencing a lot of the love-hate emotions right now. I love she is doing all new stuff and is getting bigger, but I hate that she is doing all the new stuff and is getting BIGGER! My little munchkin- I love you so, so, so much!

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