Thursday, April 29, 2010

FHE Week 3!

This week's lesson was on God's gift to us all- Nature and how to take care of our surroundings. Eric taught a fun lesson and for our activity we made some cute garden signs to show where everything is planted once we get to actually plant our garden. The weather has been bad, and in fact it is snowing right this very minute. Only in Utah, right. But we want to be prepared and ready for when we do plant the garden. It was Noah's week to do the treat so I had to make it a simple thing to do. So, we made a rainbow. I thought it tied in nice with Eric's lesson and Noah had a blast at sprinkling all the colors and dipping the marshmallows in the chocolate.
Here is our cute marshmallowy rainbow.
Noah loved getting to lick the spoon and was quite pleased with himself at his rainbow. I had to keep reminding him the treat was for everyone, because he kept saying "ooh, my treeet." Such a happy little guy, don't ya think.

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