Thursday, April 22, 2010


Prayer was our family's theme for the week and Alexis and Kaleigh had the lesson and activity.We started out with the song A Child's Prayer-Noah's pick, and then some stories and a quiz game. Logan and Laney had the treat and chose rootbeer cupcakes with rootbeer frosting. They were delish. Our family is on a rootbeer kick right now. We had some homemade rootbeer on Sunday and it was finished to the last drop.
Here's Logan mixing the cupcake batter and having fun. He was singing, "I love my family, I love my family," it was the cutest thing. That's a boy who is very happy and proud of himself.

Laney got to do the decorating and here is her masterpiece. She had fun and so wanted one right away, but alas, she had to wait until after the lesson. "Darn it," as she said.
Don't these look yummy? They are! I'm really glad the recipe only made 12 cause they were so good my waistline would have expanded. There were just enough for everyone to have one that night and the kids to have one for lunch the next day. I love baking, but my waistline and hips sure DON'T!

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