Thursday, April 15, 2010

Peek-A-Boo Bella!

This little munchkin just loves her some good peek-a-boo! She is always playing it whenever, wherever, and with whatever she can. And I have the proof right here! Miss Bella laying on her changing table all ready for me to change her diaper. I had just unsnapped her dress and she yanked her dress up and over her head. She does this ALL the time! I said where's Bella and...
here she is! I am happy to have caught some proof of her obsession. She has such a fun time with this little game. I needed to journal this for the time when I forget this. She does it with blankets(very common for most babies), she hides into the side of her high chair to play, she even buries herself into the carpet or couch to play. Funny and very fun little munchkin we have! Oh, how I love being at home and catching all these fun moments!

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