Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Alexis gives a talk!

Alexis was assigned this last week to give a talk in Primary and she did it extemely well. I was unable to go, but Eric said she was awesome. I take great pride in the fact that she has a strong testimony already and she knows how to choose the right over the bad so well. She has a good head, heart, and spirit about her and I'm very lucky to call her my daughter. I wanted to post her talk because she did it all on her own without help from anyone. It's a good refresher for us all.
Trying to be Like Jesus Christ
"When we are trying to be like Jesus Christ we should say our prayers every night and every morning. We can also read the scriptures. The scriptures teach us what Jesus was like.
During His ministry, Jesus would teach the people, he would heal the sick, he would help sad people feel better and he even raised the dead. Whenever there were little children like us, he would talk to them and bless them.
Jesus is a very kind, loving, person, so you should help people like your parents, grandparents, neighbors and friends whenever you can. You can do an extra chore around the house, maybe help watch your siblings or be good for the babysitter. If we ever do something wrong and we feel really bad about it, we can repent!
That would make Jesus Christ very happy. That's how we should show we're becoming like Jesus Christ."
It was a very short talk-but then in Primary, all the talks are short- but VERY good and straight to the point on how we should be like Jesus. It's nice to know that we really,HAVE, taught our daughter well enough that she knows what she should be doing. She is such a great example to her younger siblings and to me too!

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