Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My hubs the comedian!

I know everyone thinks their hubby is great, but my hubs is incredible... at making me laugh and being a real comedian. He's like one of my kids, whenever I'm having a tough moment he says something or does something that just makes me crack up in hysterics.
He just thinks of himself as the funniest guy and here is an example of what he thought up over the weekend as we were planting the garden...
ZUCCHINI-the two piece of vegetables
CRAB-APPLE- the seafoood of fruit trees.
That's just a snipit of the hubs overworking brain. He spits out stuff like this to me ALL the time. Usually I don't like to brag about him-mainly cause I don't want his head to get any bigger-,but he keeps my life interesting and comedic and that in itself deserves to be bragged about and for me to sing praises for the man. I love the hubs and LOVE that he can get me to smile and laugh at any moment.

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