Wednesday, May 12, 2010

FHE two weeks and counting

For the last two weeks we have been working on a project during FHE. About a year after Christian passed away I decided we would make a garden for him in our yard, mainly due to the fact it is extremely hard to see him up at the cemetery. It has taken us a long 4 years to do this, but this year we are putting it together in front of our big window in our front yard. We have ordered plants and I designed the way we want it to look. I thought it would be nice for the kids to add a little decor to it too, so...
We came up with stepping stones for the garden. The first week we went to Hobby Lobby-my all-time new, fav-to get all the supplies to make them each a stone. We would have just got kits, but buying all the supplies for all 5 stones cost the same amount as one kit-CRAZY! They all got to design their own and were hard at work.
Very hard at work designing their stones on paper. We thought this would help them to know exactly where they wanted their pieces to go. Such cute, creative little kiddos.

The second week was time to do the actual stone. We spent the evening mixing, pouring, arranging, and stamping to our delight! It was a blast and the kids had fun too! Haha!
Alexis giving it a turn at mixing it up. She didn't believe Eric when he said it was "tough."
Finished products-at least until we can remove them and place them in the garden next week.




Eric and I did a big one with little Noah and Bella's hands. Isn't is cute. Our family had a blast with this project and will finally finish it up when we can place them in the garden next week. It takes a week until you can "step" on them, so we don't want to place them outside until then. I'll post pics of Christian's garden once the stones are placed. Take a little time to do some crazy, fun family project with your little ones. I promise you'll have a BLAST!


  1. Neat blog!

    We did the same stepping stones project when my sister passed away last year.

  2. Hi Krystal - I'm just getting around to reading blogs...and your is so great. I've enjoyed all the latest posts. The stones turned out so well. I love the family picture from the Tulip Festival. I'm so glad you got sleep back!
    We'll be in touch about a get together...