Thursday, May 6, 2010

Savings Galore!!!

As most of you know I have been clippin' coupons and trying to save a buck or two these past 8 months. I wish I had started this years ago, but at least I'm doing it now. We have been trying to get our financial life back in order since losing Christian and this past year Eric took a hit with his job which is what led me to start cutting back even more. And oh baby have we ever! Although, you wouldn't know it by the looks of my freezers, pantry, and closets. Our pantry, freezers, and linen closet(where I keep all the hygiene and personal stuff), are packed to the rafters that there is literally no more room for anything. I have kept a record of my spending and savings and to date for this year I have saved a whopping...
That's a lot of moola! We have paid off a ton of debt and I can see the end that is a year nearer! Yay!!
The credit goes to my friend Liz-thanks a ton, you were my lifesaver-my MIL-for giving me your coupons- and the wonderful coupon blogs I follow. I have always tried to buy stuff on sale and stock our food storage that way, but now with coupons I get tons of free stuff and my pantry and storage room have never been fuller. I use to think I don't have time to clip coupons, but you know what with a savings like that in only 5 short months, I think I have the time. I even get free samples sent to me. The kids love it. They always wonder what's gonna come in the mail today. This is what came yesterday...
Sample package from the U.S. postal service. Now I won't drink the coffee samples, but the chocolate, now that one for sure is getting eaten.
Here's two pictures of my best savings so far this year. I went to Fresh Market and took my coupons with me for a trip to end all trips. I spent $74, but I saved $135.00. I got a ton of stuff, and it was all under 75 cents or less for each item. My poor camera couldn't get it all in one shot and even in two you still can't see it all. My best find was getting four packages of chicken for only $1 each. They were drumsticks and wings that usually cost $5-$6 each(according to their package). Sweet!!

I got a bunch of extracts and more root beer concentrate too and we all know how much those cost. They are usually anywhere between 4-6 dollars, but not mine. I saved $2 on each and they were on sale making them only $1.50 each. My shopping trips take a little longer to plan now, but I'll spend the extra time for the savings. I take my ads and make my list according to my coupons I have and ones that I can find online. I have discovered that almost every brand out there has a website and have coupons on them that you can print out. This is my new game and I'm loving it! If anyone wants to know the basics to get started, send me an e-mail or leave me a comment. Whether you need to save money or just want to, it's an easy way to do it. I haven't paid for soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo, razors, or deodorant in 8 months. These are some big items that you can get for free with sales paired with coupons.
This post is mainly for me to remember and teach my kids that yes, you can buy name brand stuff and still save money. I'm all about teaching them things they can use when they have to run their own houses. I didn't have that growing up and I have had to teach myself along the way. I want them to be prepared, and have a happy non-debt life with their future families. The hubs and I didn't always have the stress of finances, but one BIG unforseen event put us in trouble and it has taken us 5 years to get out from it. I hope that by saving this way if anything else were to happen we would be well off this time.

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