Tuesday, May 4, 2010

We had so much family fun this past weekend. I turned 33 on Saturday and the kids wanted a party. Wowsers, I'm already 33! Man time flies when you are having fun. We had doughnuts for breakfast-a big treat for us, we just don't buy them much, and I went to the Cheesecake Factory with my dad for lunch. YUMMY! He bought a whole cheesecake for the family so I wouldn't have to bake myself a cake. Such a nice dad! Love ya! We then made a trip out to the tulip festival since it was the last weekend for it. We had a BLAST! The rain stopped just long enough for us to tucker all the kids out. It was so nice we are definately going back to the gardens to see the rest. We only got about half the gardens done. The place is huge! I love, love, love our Thanksgiving Point pass. It is definately one that will be renewed. Our family has a blast there!The kids all loved the waterfalls, the pretty flowers, but their favorite thing was definately rolling down the big hills. We also got to see both a goose sitting on her eggs on the cliff and a horned owl. We had a lovely afternoon and one that the kids are still talking about. They all want to go back so they can roll some more. The hubs and I would like to go back to go and see the other half we didn't mangae to see. Much too rolling down the hills to do for the little ones to stop and smell the tulips, so to speak.

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