Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bella's 1st Birthday Party and mommy's crafting bug satisfied

Our little munchkin is turning one this week, but we needed to celebrate early due to my little trip to Washington this week and my dad being out of town, so we partied into the night last night for our cute Bella. I wanted to do something special, being it her first birthday and all so I dreamed up Bella's Sweet Shoppe. We had family and family friends over with lots of kids of all ages, so I wanted to keep the kiddos entertained. Enter mounds and mounds of candy and a big backyard to run out all the sugar energy. This is the breakdown of the party...Her cute birthday invite that I hand drew(I really dream and long for a cricut machine, but alas, the moola is just not there for the crafting tool love of my life). I think it's pretty good for hand drawing it.=)
Our candy jars for the shoppe

Bella's cute sign for her shop. Again, I hand drew the cupcake to go along with the theme. The dum dum suckers were a HUGE hit!
Bella needed a entry sign for her party, so enter another craft for me, this cute balloon wreath. I can change out the card for everyone else's birthdays too. Love that I can use it all year long. It's way easy to make and was way cute. It was the kids' favorite decoration that I did.
This is the set up for Bella's Sweet Shoppe. We had suckers, taffy, rainbow licorice, pink whoppers(strawberry flavored), mini brownie bites, and mini baby rattle cupcakes.
Bella loved, loved, loved her cake. She started out being very dainty, but when she realized I wasn't going to take it away, she dove right in. She got it all over her and loved eating big chunks of it. She was by far our messiest cake eater out of all the kids. I wanted just one kid to finally dive into their cake and she certainly didn't dissappoint. I loved it and we had a family friend who took pictures for us and got some amazing pics for us. I am so jealous of his camera and want one badly. This pic above is from my little one and so did not do Bella's cake eating justice, but Jeremy's pics sure did. Thank you Jeremy for all the pics.
One of the big cakes, it was chocolate with chocolate raspberry frosting in the middle.
This was another one of the cakes, a pair of pink booties. It was an orange white cake and YUMMY! Bella had an exact one for her dig in cake.
Bella smashing her cake in her mouth. She just couldn't get it in fast enough. This is one of the pics Jeremy took. I love that we got lots of clear, cute pics.

Bella got her cake everywhere. This one just shows how much she got in her hair. She loved rubbing it in everywhere. Silly girl, she must have heard Eric say I get the honor of the birthday bath. She loves to get extra messy when I have the bath honor.

I love, love, love this one. She even has frosting caked in her eyelashes. So cute looking up though. I just love this little angel. She melts my heart each and everyday. We enjoyed having everyone share Bella's special day with us. Thanks to everyone for celebrating with us, for the presents-she loves them all, and for always taking time for us and our family. It's sad to think she will be one on Wednesday, it went by so fast. But we look forward to all the fun of the many special moments in her life. We love you Bella and are very happy to have you in our family. You light up our lives and your brothers and sisters love you tons. Many joys and happiness we wish you as you grow up. Beautiful Bella, we love you tons and Happy Birthday sweet girl!

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