Thursday, May 6, 2010

More Baby Legs and my cute lit'l model!

Over this last weekend I quickly made more cute baby legs for my lit'l munchkin. I found all these at Walmart for only 1.25 each and knew they would match all her cute outfits. It's been a cold spring so far so these help her legs stay warm. She's not one for pants very much, so a onesie and these, are perfect for her and perfect for quick diaper changes. They are so simple to make that I made 9 pairs in a little over an hour. Gotta love quick crafts. I love crafting, but I'm finding it hard to do right now. The time just flies by. My crafting list is a mile long full of projects I want to do, but with our garden, yard work, inside projects, prepping for next year's home schooling, the end of this school year coming, trying to find swim lessons for the kids, training for our 5K, and oh yeah... taking care of the six kids, my craft projects have been on the back burner. These however, I had time to finish.

And here is my cute little model with her patriotic outfit.
The lit'l baby legs go so well with this outfit. She was simply fascinated with her new flip flops. Oh my, I didn't even know they made lit'l baby flip flops, how C-U-T-E! I bought this dress last year on clearance thinking she could wear it for the 4th of July, but again, my baby is just like our other kids and grows too fast. I don't think it'll fit her by July, so she'll just have to wear it now.

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