Monday, May 24, 2010

Projects and Re-do projects

My creative juices have been flowing and wanting to burst out lately, so out came a bunch of ideas for projects. I can now post this one since the receiver's birthday has passed and she now is the proud owner of this lovely, adorable, garden-themed apron. I've seen this idea before all over the internet, but since my bunch is bigger than most, our "garden" is quite the size. The "butterfly" is Bella's feet, and all the flowers are the kids' hands. Then we took their thumbs and made some "bees and ladybugs." I thought it was so cute, that I now want one for myself. We made it as a present for grandma's birthday. Eric and I had our own cute present to give her, but the kids wanted to make something. They love to craft. Glad to see I'm raising them up right. Gotta love to craft in this family!
I have fallen in LOVE! I love, love, love spray paint. I have a few things in my house that I haven't been lovin' lately, but I don't have the dough to replace, so enter my new BFF- spray paint. This spice rack use to be very light wood with green lettering "herbs and spices." A few minutes later and voila...
new spice rack!

So, I did a post awhile back about our "new" family home evening board I bought and painted. It's been on our wall for a couple of months and I simply DID NOT like it. The metal sheet leaves all my munchkins' fingerprints on it whenever they play with the names and it just looked too plain. Plus, I really wanted to move it into my kitchen up and away from the youngins who love to hide the names. So, enter new FHE board...

With a little paper, ribbon, flowers, and my other BFF-mod podge, we have our new FHE board in the kitchen.
It matches our kitchen so well and as we change our kitchen over the next couple of years, it will still match. I'm aiming for a "Tuscan" inspired kitchen. Can't wait to get paint on those plain, yucky, white walls!

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  1. How creative of you to do all these projects.. I especially like the new color of your spice rack. It also blends to the color of your spices. Nice post!