Friday, May 7, 2010

Funny little things

Noah says the cutest things and I just want to write them down before I forget.
N: Mommy, look a biggy, bigga truck
M: Oh, do you see a truck?
N: uhn huh, a bigga truck!
N: voom voom voom!
The boy is obsessed with tractors, back-hoes, anything "truck" related. He is such a talker. It's a strange thing for us, because our kids usually don't talk as clear and as much as Noah does quite this early. I know most kids start jabbering a lot when they are 2, but ours have always waited until around 3 and then they talk in complete sentences and don't stop.
So, Noah is a wonder to me and I am in awe around him and his cute jabbering about.

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